Questionable Investors in Golden Key list

Read a recent article on the great philanthropist Lalith Kotalawela and the Rs 26 BILLION scam he’s involved in, and here are some investors found on the list. These are individual deposits, money under their name.

Bishop of Ratnapura, Dr. Cletus Chandrasiri Perera – Rs. 40 million

Ven. Rathanasara Thero from Kegalle – Rs. 17 million

Ven. B. Somawansa Thero – Rs. 41.4 million

The high priest of a temple in Matara who also requested anonymity has invested over Rs. 17 million in Golden Key. He said the money does not belong to him but to a Japanese national who is a “close friend.” (Ed – yea, of course, and the fairies in Sinharaja forest are always seen with unicorns. These Swiss banks these days, so untrust-worthy, the best place I can hide my money is with a Buddhist monk who can invest it under his name)

I’m not knowledgeable on the matters of the Church and its clergy, so I can’t comment, but on Buddhist clergymen, I think I can. Somebody please give me a reason why a Buddhist man of the cloth should stockpile 41 big ones? Money he inherited? Earnings before joining the clergy? To build a temple or statue? I would not step into a temple built with 41 million when there are people in SL who have nowhere to live and nothing to eat in refugee camps.Would you?…To be continued.


5 Responses to Questionable Investors in Golden Key list

  1. Robert says:

    Better than the Catholic Priests who molest little boys but still wrong..

  2. tharindra says:

    Haha, lets not even go there. Will be discussing this further, stay tuned.

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  4. helllo

  5. pravnj1408 says:

    Hypocrites Hypocrites. I’m not surprised. All in all its a good thing that the media is taking this story up. Highlights the hypocrisy of Buddhist monks and the Rev.Fathers of Sri Lanka.

    @tharinda: Oh yes the Catholic Churches “No child’s behind left policy” (not a laughing matter by a stretch)

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