Welcome to Religurd

Organised Religion = Absurd = Religurd. We believe that many a Sri Lankan life is influenced and affected, negatively, due to religious authority, superstition, tradition and dogma. Intelligence and rationalism is our salvation. Free your mind.

This is a place to discuss and promote our and your views on how to free our society from these forces that limit our intellect and feed on our resources. It preys on people’s hope. The corruption that ravages under the guise of religion, the waste, the hypocrisy and the double standards are amongst the issues that have to be addressed. Please remember, we raise these issues only for the betterment of society, not to bring any person or organisation down or to insult any belief. Humans have the right to believe in whatever they like. Belief is all good, but believing in something without asking why, without knowledge and intelligence……….is stupidity. Please engage in our discussion and contribute your thoughts, ideas, criticisms, and solutions.

We have a couple of regular contributors to fuel the discussion, as well as a few more to join the ranks. If you think you process along similar thought avenues as us, please drop us a line if you would like to contribute as an author.


  1. I like your premise mate…

    I wouldn’t mind contributing a few posts occasionally. Can’t promise anything regular since I also maintain my own photography blog, but I maybe once a month or so?

    They will probably be humorous pieces about the absurdity and hypocrisy inherent in organised religion. I trust that would fit the bill?

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