Questionable Investors In Golden Key List – Continued……..

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I won’t generalise all Buddhist priests, there are plenty of good Buddhist priests in SL who are devoid of wealth and yet helps the society and are well respected and treated by the people. But I think I can safely say that this isn’t the case for most major cities, for e.g. Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Kalutara etc.

But then many would say, “may be the money was saved to build a statue, to upgrade a temple or simply donations which some well connected temples receive”.

Again, in my opinion, this is a classic example where religion has got it priorities wrong, it has become a state affair, a extravagant one. I wont say this is a problem that happened recently, its been happening since I don’t knows when, but is it so hard to understand that we really don’t need a Rs 41 million statue? Do we really? Did Lord Buddha want himself represented by a pile of rocks and cement worth millions, overlooking the shanties a few miles way? I think Lord Buddha wants to be represented by good honest people with good morals and values, not by towering structures.

And note I don’t use words like Buddhist people, or Christian people, or Hindu or Islamic people, because that’s another form of labelling brought forward by people who see their world through their own eyes. That’s another discussion for another time.

Sorry to mention this again, but donations to build a statue or otherwise shouldn’t be going into a investment firm into an investment account. Key word there being investment. I’m sure any bank would jump up and handle money on behalf of a temple on legitimate matters, using things called savings and current accounts. And I assume there must be Buddhist organisations that handle these kind of things. Surely donations to the temple won’t involve Treasury bills and bonds, high yield high risk investments, and dropping interest rates?

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