Special religious ceremonies to protect the visitors to Sigiriya

Apr 09, Sigiriya: A special religious ceremony has been held at the Sigiriya rock fortress to invoke blessings on the visitors to save them from wasp attacks.

According to the sources the religious ceremony was held at the foot of the world famous Lion Rock of the Sigiriya fortress in accordance with ancient religious rituals.

Following the religious ceremonies the staff of the Sigiriya Project at the Central Cultural Fund as well as the residents of the area has offered a milk-based meal to the Pidurangala Vishnu Devalaya seeking protection for the visitors from wasp attacks.

Visitors to the Sigiriya Rock were attacked by wasps on three occasions last month. As a result of those wasp attacks the site was closed temporarily to remove the wasp nests from the premises.


Reposted from Colombopage  http://www.colombopage.com/archive_09/April9143206RA.html


  1. *sarcasm mode on* – wow thats a great solution, I know most pest control experts agree that the most effective method of chasing out wasps is to offer milk based foods to the gods.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Pest Controllers.. what would they know about offerings and all these godly dealings …? they are all butchers killing all that teeny weeny creatures …anyway glad finally they got rid of those wasp nets…the milk offerings have paved way for such wise actions and again ” Sarcasm mode on” !~!!!!!

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