Why We Don’t Believe – Absurdity : Would YOU believe this?

One of the core components of all religions is the belief in absurdity. I could give a list of these elements (such as the magical underpants of the Mormons, the transubstantiation in Christianity, the bodily ascended Mohammed or the worship of a statue of the Buddah), but that would be beside the point and I shall stick to only types of these preposterous ideas (I will illustrate more on specific religions on latter posts). Almost everyone understands that these claims are absurd, but since these stupidities are in the religious nature, we are asked to overlook them (only in the case of their inherent religion). Why do people laugh at Mormons and Scientologists for their beliefs? Is the idea of a supreme galactic overlord any less ridiculous than the idea of a talking snake? Most average religious folk tend to dismiss these ideas by stating that they come from ancient texts or that the authors were would have meant them to be metaphorical. Why stop there, why not the whole religion? What criteria is there to separate the metaphors from the “actual religion”?

Some of the absurdity is actually in rituals. Take prayer for instance. Every religious person does it. They pray for all types of things, but when they do not get it, “Its just god’s will” or “God moves in mysterious ways.” Why bother doing it in the first place? Imagine the millions of Jews praying Hitler to die or the millions of Sri Lankans praying for peace all these years. God took his sweet time didn’t he?

Then there is the “scientific” nonsense in religion. There are creationists museums in the United States that depict modern humans living with dinosaurs, well the Flinstones could be shown as a documentary then. Are these not products of the religious irrationalities? There was even a Bishop Usher who calculated the creation of the universe to 23 October 4004 BC.

To make these absurdities apparent to believers, many non-theists have created “pseudo-religions.”, two of the most popular being the Churches of The Flying Spaghetti Monster and that of the Invisible Pink Unicorn. These are meant as lampoons on “real” religions, but are they?



  1. Is it that you’re scared of talking about the major local irrational religion (Buddah-ism, apparently -are you sure you’re even from around here?), or just that it’s easier to copy and paste from Richard Dawkins?

    • My next post will be on Buddhism(the others will come up on later weeks), so keep reading and please don’t hold back any questions. And I am Sri Lankan(and proud of it). I did not copy and paste Richard Dawkins, but he has been a huge influence

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