Buddha Phone – buddhism on the go for you tech savvy Buddhists

I thought bling in religion was mainly reserved to diamond encrusted crosses on chains hanging around necks of rappers and  hats embroided in gold on the heads Catholic priests. Apparently not. Buddhists don’t have to despair any longer, they can be fashionable too! Behold the Odin 99, the gold coloured, incence burning (simulated of course) MOBILE PHONE. It comes with a charm and animated altar of Buddha on the screen, it will simulate purification rites, and will also  play music to help meditate. I’m sold already!

And it comes with two camera’s too, if you ever need to video conference a Pirith. Only available in China at the moment, but don’t worry, it will find its way to Sri Lanka.


  1. THIS is your post on bhuddism. screw us for expecing a more objective analysis, why dont you get down to some of the ‘absurdities’ present in bhuddism then? or are you just another biased freak like everyone else?

    • absurdities? its full of it! I’m also prepared to make a distinction between what one may call absurdities inherent to the philosophy itself (always such fun to dig those up! **rubs hands in glee at the prospect of digging up all that sanskrit cow dung)and of course the kinds of absurdities we are witness to in the so called “practice” of this particular “religion”, no dang it! don’t you tell me its not a “religion”! “oh no sir” some say with much pomposity it’s a “philosophy you know…” is that supposed to make ME take you seriously? saying “its a philosphy you know..” DOES NOT constitute an argument.

      Is it supposed to make it more credible as opposed to say the stuff you find in the good book? Plato’s writing is philosophy and we all know what Galileo had to endure on account of “philosophy” not to mention Copernicus and Giordano Bruno.

      Primitive cow dung is nothing more than primitive cow dung no matter how eloquently one dresses it up.

      Biased freaks? IMHO (using this in almost every post is a tad annoying – are you being polite or sarcastic?) sir, you seem to be the biased Muppet here. To quote you Muppet (is calling a puppet, “Muppet” derogatory?)

      “there is so much the human race does not know, yet it portrays the arrogance of not caring about what they do not know. Instead they prefer to expand their universe only as their concrete knowledge of it, science, expands. unaware that they mask in ignorance probably 99% of the universe…etc etc”

      Classic science bashing apologist “argument”
      No sir I’m not biased and I don’t believe the author of this post is either.
      I’m ideologically promiscuous when it comes to confronting all types of religions I dislike the perversion called Buddhism as much as I dislike Islam, Christianity and all the other bronze age perversions cooked up by man.

  2. also, replying to comments may help. esp the comment i left in your ‘about’ section. unless of course you want everyone to belive that this site is full of nothing but air and no reason to back it up with?

    • wow, calm down dear lost puppet

      First of all, its spelt ‘Buddhism’.

      The objective of this post was to point out that Buddhism, like many religions, is being used as a money spinner by some, and people fall for it. And not a few, a lot.

      I’m sorry you can’t see beyond my sarcasm and see the actual point I’m trying to make, but I expect my readers to do that, because I think they are intelligent. I try hard not to poke fun at religion, but I can’t resist things like this, and I won’t apologise for it.

      This wasn’t a post wholly on Buddhism, very far from it. And in my personal opinion, it’s one of the religions in this world that contains the least amount of, as you put it, ‘absurdities’.

      I will reply to your comment in the ‘about’ section asap, sorry about the delay.

      • So thelostpuppet is a by-the-numbers creationist (even trotting out the old “evolution is just a theory” nonsense) and the site authors are somehow simultaneously New Atheist fanboys AND apologists for Buddhism? Wow.

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