Religion and Politics – The Unholy Alliance

Religion has played a large part of politics and policy making in the world. In the past decade or so, there has been a resurgence of it in Sri Lanka. The election of clergy into parliament has made it clear at least a sizeable minority of Sri Lankans want to expand the powers of religion in mainstream policy making. There has been pandering by politicians towards certain religions in the past, such as in the creating of the Sri Lankan Constitution which has a separate chapter on Buddhism.

The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

Reproduced from the Constitution –

Though this might not be seen by most people as being an oppression by most people, consider it if the words “Buddha Sasana” were replaced by a political party or a specific race or by another religion for the Buddhists. Would most people take it with the same magnitude of apathy towards this article? Why are our taxes used in this way? What would a non-Buddhist Government or President do? This may not be comparable to constitutions of countries such as Afghanistan where you could be put to death for not believing in a certain religion.

This being said, the religious faction of our government is hard at work trying to pass rules and regulations to suit their world-view. These new programs include censoring our thoughts and actions. This downward spiral could continue to such an extent that only die hard followers of these religious of these pious leaders will enjoy the full rights that we now hold.



  1. I am offended by our constitution which is devisive and racist.
    How dare they declare that Buddhism should have the foremost place!
    We should not be a Buddhist theocracy! I don’t want a theocratic dictatorship telling me what to do every single day!

    The Sasana wields too much power and woefully contradicts the teachings of their enlightened sage every single moment when they intervene in the governance of this country! They enjoy free utilities tax exemptions etc.
    We’d be better off if we exempt rural schools from paying utility bills! or perhaps allocate money for the development of schools and hospitals as opposed to building a stupa in every province!


    What has the Sasana contributed to the well being of the citizens of this country? NOTHING..they sit around being dependent on us hard working and TAX PAYING citizens and spread hatred and divisiveness. Divorce government and Buddhism and wed have a better system. Id love to debate this with the enlightened members of the Sangha sometime…

    Constitutional amendment anyone?


  2. I’m for it,and I’m currently making an article about this issue and it will take some time.These sangas are low IQ people and we can topple them with ease but they have hypnotized the people with hopes of fantasies who are,sadly,very stupid and uneducated.I’m preparing another article exposing the relationship between IQ and atheism/secularism and you will be stunned to see the results.
    Till then.
    Keep thinking and searching.

    • Actually istlee, there are a lot of people from all religious persuations who are very intelligent yet deeply religious. It’s pretty silly to claim that they are “very stupid” and “uneducated.” There are very intelligent Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains etc For example the Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahmavamso was a British theoretical physicist before he became a monk and founded the Buddhist Society of Western Australia ( – he’s the one you see on the youtube video there. And you seriously don’t believe people like Egerton C. Baptist are stupid and uneducated do you?

      • Very much in agreement with you there Raj. It will be a big mistake to think that all atheists are intellectually superior to any given religious person. It could be a chiche but “More you know, more you know that you don’t know” holds pretty strong in these kind of matters. So we are better off leaving this “intelligence” argument aside. I think it is more about knowledge than intelligence. It is very important to keep and open mind and accept that we only see very small part of the big picture. If I am to speak for myself, it is my “taste” that I like to have a naturalistic (atheist) worldview. It appeals to whatever current knowledge that I have. Nothing more, nothing less.

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