Biggest ritual sacrifice in the world: Hindus slaughter 315,000 animals

Sorry about pulling a late news item (Nov 23rd 09), but it was shocking enough to make me post about it.

Nepalese Hindu Priests have slaughtered (24th of November 2009), 15,000 buffaloes and 300,000 birds, goats and sheep, in a religious festival dedicated to the Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power.

Nepalese Government has approved this event (held every 5 years), and even funded it with 4.5 million rupees.

Animal rights groups are pushing hard to ban the event, but doesn’t seem it will happen in the near future, unfortunately.




  1. Holy fuck. Something like this happened in Sri Lanka recently as well – at some Kovil and it was in the papers. Muslims just celebrated their “slaughter festival” as well where animals are chopped up on roadsides.

    Does this look civilised to you?

    Look at all those people crawling around to get a good look.

    Humans are such fucking awesome people aren’t they?

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