Dinesh D’Souza say’s he can prove ‘Life after Death’: Interview

Author and conservative political commentator Dinesh D’Souza has released his new book, “Life After Death: The Evidence” and claims to have found proof of the afterlife. James Adler of Newsweek, who calls D’Souza a “Christian apologist”, has published an article about the book. Adler has said the following;

Ghosts, mediums, and miraculous cures by the intercession of saints play no role in his argument, which draws instead on quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and moral philosophy

Interview with Fox



  1. Um… atheism isn’t concerned with “life after death” but the lack of a supreme being – a God. One can still be an athiest and believe in life after death. D’Souza is confusing MATERIALISM with ATHEISM. He needs to try harder.

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