Prominent ultra nationalist Buddhist monk Amila Thero under investigation

Ven Dhambra Amila Thero a notable ultra nationalist Buddhist monk and senior member of the JVP backed Patriotic National Movement (PNM) has been arrested by the criminal investigations dept. ander allegations that the Thero claimed that he had the ability to send individuals to various countries for foreign employment opportunities.

News sources indicate that several persons have lodged complaints against the Thero at the criminal investigations dept. alleging that the Thero accepted large sums of money and had “promised” them that they would be sent abroad in return.

The prosecution will be on the basis of the violation of certain labour laws pertaining to foreign employment which have been strictly enforced as of recent due to various cases related to Sri Lankan workers being exploited especially when they seek employment in the Middle East etc.

We on religurd welcome this move. Any party that engages in nefarious criminal activities should be dealt with legally.

This is yet another indication as to how Buddhist monks abuse their power and reputed social standing for their own nefarious activities. (The author of this has blogged about the role of monks in Sri Lanka in the past. See older posts)

State media have been quick to react and the author of this post caught one of the prosecutors on a soundbite claiming that the law should be applicable to Ven Theros as they do to the general public. While this author applauds this strangely secular move by the authorities (with the kind of veneration we have for monks I expected them to do nothing! maybe there is some hope after all?)

one cant help but wonder if the govt. would denounce a similar act if it was carried out by a Buddhist monk who supports the govt.? Amila Thero is a staunch supporter of the JVP who are currently backing Ex General Sarath Fonseka for his 2010 presidential bid.

Pro Fonseka websites have been calling this move a political arrest aimed at crippling the Fonseka election machine.

This move is praiseworthy but this author would like to see a precedent set. The authorities must be prepared and be unafraid to investigate any religious figure for an alleged crime in the future, this is the view of Religurd in this regard. No one should be above the law.

If he is convicted I would say good riddance! we are better off without these ultra nationalist racist monks who are always ready to make inflamotory comments in the popular media like the Ayatollahs of Iran.

PNM website:

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9 Responses to Prominent ultra nationalist Buddhist monk Amila Thero under investigation

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  2. Ibba says:

    This is a criminal act by Brothers & co. by putting Amila Thero into prison with false charges. This is a eminent plot by Uni. dons (the FUTA cahirman Dr.ASampath (did not even utter a word against this),Baluwansa and CID.

  3. “the law should be applicable to Ven Theros as they do to the general public”

    If this is true, why have the monks who attacked and destroyed the property of another religious community not been arrested? There is more than ample evidence, including footage shown on media, to convict them. Maybe it’s because these particular monks are from a political party loyal to the present president??

  4. pravnj1408 says:

    “Maybe it’s because these particular monks are from a political party loyal to the present president??”

    Um I pointed this out in my post. Saying it again doesn’t really carry any weight now does it?

    “why have the monks who attacked and destroyed the property of another religious community not been arrested..”

    Exactly! this is the view that Religurd has been promoting. As I mentioned in the post:

    “This move is praiseworthy but this author would like to see a precedent set. The authorities must be prepared and be unafraid to investigate any religious figure for an alleged crime in the future, this is the view of Religurd in this regard. No one should be above the law…”

    Now I have questioned the possible political motives of this move. I do not have enough information to confirm whether this is in fact a political move and I don’t think you do either. This is a conspiracy theory at best, its election time and I’m not surprised that the politicians have once again regressed into dirty politics. SF and MR are both to blame in this regard.

    My argument is that we need to acknowledge that EVEN IF a monk is SUSPECTED of a CRIME the authorities must be PREPARED to investigate the monk in question.
    Keep in mind that it is an INVESTIGATION if the monk did not do the crime he will get the chance to prove otherwise and he need not do the time.

    I’m criticizing the veneration we have for monks and how they abuse this position of power for their own advantage while the law and the police look away blindly and let them carry on their activities.
    It is a matter of principle for me. So yes this could be a political move by the ruling party (I somehow fail to see the merit of doing something like this on the part of the govt. BUT I’m willing to entertain the conspiracy theory – after all this is Sri Lanka yes?)

    Is this a move towards a secular Sri Lanka? sadly I do not think so.

    But personally I believe in the principle that not even religious figures should be above the law (I might add that ESPECIALLY religious figures should not be above the law!!)

    Are you taking the side of the monk madam or sir? simply because of your political views? (you sound like an SF proponent-correct me if I’m wrong!)if so that would be quite shameful.

    If the said monk has committed a crime (and as monks go I’m pretty sure he has!) we shouldn’t put our political views first we should be more concerned with the application of the law in this country. Sure monks affiliated to the govt. have been accused in the past and never been investigated but based solely on this fact should we denounce this move? should we not investigate this alleged crime? this is not about tit for tat or petty politics, my principles I believe are certainly higher than any petty politician and yours should be too sir/madam. FYI voting for SF or MR will not solve anything. These are infantile minds caught up in petty politics. You don’t need to look far to see how we as Sri Lankans deserve better and that we do not need these people in the highest office of the country…just witness the shameful way in which these so called high and mighty politicians engage in “politics” and witness their blatant disregard for the environment when they campaign using non bio degradable substances..I’m sure you can come up with many more reasons to support the claim that neither of these people are fit to lead a great country like Sri Lanka and a great and diverse group of people that we Sri Lankans are. The environment point alone made me realize that we as young people should reject both of these candidates. But this is just my view. So sir/madam sticking to ones principles in an unprincipled era is the best way to defeat these people.

  5. Ganath says:

    Then what about this : Court refuses to have pastor at inquiry to the mysterious death of two women at a so called “Healing session”

    • pravnj1408 says:

      Absolutely, I believe that the pastor should be held accountable and investigated. From a legal standpoint however we have a problem. Consider the following scenario. A doctor kills a patient. There is a suspicion that the doctor was negligent. Since the medical profession has professional standards and ethics a court can decide to hold the doctor accountable. The courts have some sort of legal framework and mandate to hear the case. The problem is this “faith healing” is not a profession and the courts I believe are at a quandary as to who should take the responsibility.

      If you believe that faith healers manipulate a scenario and snare gullible people into believing what is not true (i.e you absolve the victim of any responsibility) the faith healer is solely to blame and thus one can draw up laws to protect such victims.
      These are just two sides of the debate, and believe me there is vast grey area that we could debate for days..

      If on the other hand you believe that a rational choice was made by the victim knowing full well of the possible repercussions (i.e the victim was not duped [debatable] but decided/made a rational choice to chose a faith healer over a doctor) etc etc you would claim that the responsibility was that of the victims.

      I don’t think the legal system has worked out all the issues of this debate and personally I think the responsibility is shared and perhaps skewed towards that of the faith healer (he is presenting something that is false) but then again that’s my opinion.

      Religion is causing problems yet again..

  6. pravnj1408 says:

    News in today, Amila Thero is reported to have been granted bail. No complaints here..they made the right call..its not as if he is suspected of committing a violent crime or anything like that..

  7. Hallelujah says:

    Court refuses to probe pastor Friday,

    08 January 2010

    By T. Farook Thajudeen.

    The Colombo Chief Magistrate today rejected a request by the CID to call a pastor as a witness for the post mortem into the death of two women under mysterious circumstances following a healing service at the Vihara Maha Devi Park recently.

    On the day of the incident the two women who had got into a trance had been carried away to the centre of the open air theatre and the pastor nor any organizers had attended to them, one witness claimed during the hearing today. The witness further claimed that later the women who were taken to hospital were pronounced dead by the doctors.

    Article Viewed: 2217

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