Buddhist monk Amila Thero granted bail

Ven. Dumbara Amila Thero, President of the Patriotic National Center was released on a bail of Rs. 25,000 today by the Horana Court. President’s Counsel Srinath Perera and Lawyers Asoka Weerasuriya, Ravi Jayawardena, Padma kumara Senaratne, and Sunil Watawala appeared on behalf of the accused.

Follow the discussion here: Prominent ultra nationalist Buddhist Monk Amila Thero under investigation

Source: Lanka News


    • Make it “political” and I guess you get things done eh? how twisted is that!
      Take for instance Rupavahini’s misplaced fixation with Hitler! I mean its a good thing that the media is “educating” the “ignorant” regarding the Holocaust but then…I caught an advert today, i think they are showing the BBC Hitler docu. I happen to have the DVDs its a good watch and all that but…

      We need to find a way to make non theism political.We need some kinda angle.. 🙂
      Its election time! and the politics is trickling its way down to religurd..

      • Well, the problem is non theists subscribe to many different political streams(myself being a conservative/libertarian but many of my atheist friends being liberals/socialists). As Richard Dawkins puts it, “its like trying to herd cats.”

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