Christian Group to Save Haitians With Solar-Powered Bibles (ABC News)

To aid the rescue effort in Haiti, a US organisation called the The Faith Comes By Hearing, are sending solar-powered audible Bibles that can broadcast the holy scriptures in Haitian Creole to 300 people at a time. Their website says, “The audio Bible can bring the hope and comfort that comes from knowing God has not forgotten them through this tragedy”

ABC Via Gizmodo



  1. God creates an earthquake (part of the grand plan), then sends his missionaries to exploit the fragile psychological state of the Haitians by promoting the word of god through battery powered baygen type radios.

    Sly bastard. He works in mysterious ways all right. Mysterious like a corporation poised and ready to exploit the poor

  2. This “grand plan” business is something I always failed to understand. We know that God is omnipotent. So why does he have to stage all this drama? Are we being used for entertainment? Is it part of the plan that I an atheist? I am sure this obvious question must have been asked by many. Have any one seen a theistic explanation?

    It must be God’s will that I am an atheist. Amen!

  3. Am I understanding this correctly?

    FCBY is teamed up with another org and are supplying food for the body and soul.

    For the past few years atheists worldwide have literally wasted enormous amounts of money during times of recession, war and poverty not in helping anyone in any material need but in order to purchase bus ads and billboards attempting to demonstrated just how clever they consider themselves to be; and now they want to become the charity police please!

    Futher dissection of this particular atheist hypocrisy here.

    • Mariano,
      The main point here is more about the irony of God striking Haiti killing and maiming hundreds of thousands, and then his good agents sending Gods words to comfort them.

      Anyway, you are making a good point about lack of emotionality appealing PR by atheists lobby. Yes, they will be able to score better by appealing to the heart than the brain. Arrogant b**t*rds think that it is beneath them to exploit tragedy. Well said Mariano!

    • Food for the soul? I don’t think that’s on the priority list of any nation when it comes to helping Haiti. Christian NGOs on the other hand see this as a prime opportunity to indoctrinate as many people as they can, after all this is the perfect setting for the evangelists. Vulnerable desperate people who are looking for answers. We saw this happen during the South Asian tsunami first hand. Its disgusting vile and sick. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is downright disgusting to exploit these people who are in a very fragile state as it is. What you do with your money is your business but what we are questioning here is the ethical nature of these actions and the irony of the situation.

      Come on we all help out in a time of crisis its downright silly and untrue to label atheists as vile people who “waste” enormous quantities of money. You seem very spiteful.

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