Heavyweights debate religion at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009

I had been anticipating this video for some time now. I’ve always enjoyed watching public debates on religion, and I’m sure many of our readers also do enjoy a good showdown. As far as debates go this particular debate held at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009 is quite significant for several key reasons:

1. We find three of the “four horsemen” (as they are affectionately called) staunchly defending their position on secular humanism, reason and science during three quite simply riveting rounds of engaging debate.

2. We also find Dinesh D’Souza vehemently defending his position that there is indeed life after death (as expounded upon in his recent book) – this is the first time I have seen Dinesh in a public debate after publishing his book and I’m sure our readers will appreciate the platform given to Dinesh in this debate as he goes onto prove once again beyond doubt that he is indeed very very confused. He resorts to arguments that sound a  lot like those coming out of the proponents of intelligent design and he has been known to support this view. What astounded me was that he continues to claim to have empirical evidence to support “a theory” that there is life after death.

3. Rabbi Boteach, last seen antagonizing Christopher Hitchens in a similar debate comes out completely wrong on natural selection and evolution and Dan Dennett points this out very eloquently during the 3rd round.

4. Sam Harris does an exceptional job of explaining the nature of belief and I highly recomend his book “The End of Faith” , he elaborates on the arguments that he made initially in the first 3 chapters of the book and I found his speeches and rebuttals the most compelling. As for the most entertaining speaker undoubtedly would have to be Christopher Hitchens!

Enjoy the debate!


2 Responses to Heavyweights debate religion at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009

  1. Lahiru. says:

    Wonderful debate and the what the advocaters of the scientific method argued were coherent and made more rational sense.
    Dinesh D’Souza,it has to be said is very stupid,genuinely confused or a fraudster as Chandana Jayarethna in Sri Lanka.
    Sam Harris was very clear with his message and his claim that all we need is love, curiosity and as its guardian intellectual honesty.
    Both Daniel and Hitchens were accurate as ever.

  2. pravnj1408 says:

    Sam Harris really does shine in this one! and yes Hitchens and Dennett are spot on as always. Loved Hithchen’s closing comment. He calls it like it is!

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