AKON in Sri Lanka – Here we go again…!

AKON on religurd? now wait just a minute you say!

Ill get to the point straightaway.

I’m very sleepy right now. Its 1.30 am and Mr Prasad Mapatuna sent me a message on facebook (thanks!) with a link to a rather infamous group that has been gaining a lot of notoriety (7000+ members thus far).

I just had to weigh in on this. Sleep can wait.

“Hate” is word that gets thrown around on facebook a lot.

Hate (definition):

1. To have a great aversion to, with a strong desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; to dislike intensely; to detest; as, to hate one’s enemies; to hate hypocrisy. [1913 Webster]

Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer. –1 John iii. 15. [1913 Webster]

2. To be very unwilling; followed by an infinitive, or a substantive clause with that; as, to hate to get into debt; to hate that anything should be wasted. [1913 Webster]

I hate that he should linger here. –Tennyson. [1913 Webster]

3. (Script.) To love less, relatively. –Luke xiv. 26.

Syn: To Hate, Abhor, Detest, Abominate, Loathe.

Usage: Hate is the generic word, and implies that one is inflamed with extreme dislike. We abhor what is deeply repugnant to our sensibilities or feelings. We detest what contradicts so utterly our principles and moral sentiments that we feel bound to lift up our voice against it. What we abominate does equal violence to our moral and religious sentiments. What we loathe is offensive to our own nature, and excites unmingled disgust. Our Savior is said to have hated the deeds of the Nicolaitanes; his language shows that he loathed the lukewarmness of the Laodiceans; he detested the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees; he abhorred the suggestions of the tempter in the wilderness. [1913 Webster]

Source: The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48

The religious connotations of this definition are quite striking but I digress.

Hip hop super star AKON is set to arrive in Sri Lanka soon. I’m not sure whether Mr AKON is aware of the hornets nest that he has stirred by announcing this concert.  However I sensed something was amiss from the start. I mean I get to mingle with the pious daily – I’m connected! and did see the signs early on. It started with a rather benign looking status update by an especially pious fellow at my university that said something to the effect of  “protest against AKONs visit to sri lanka..” (2 likes) (1 comment: “hell yes”).

Now I myself do not subscribe to the drivel that passes for music these days especially POP and Hip-Hop music. Rock and progressive is more my thing. Judging by his rant I assumed that this especially pious fellow must also be a militant rock fanatic! how so very quaint! I mean I have ranted about hip-hop myself a number of times! but “protest?” ….hmmm…this guy sounded serious.

I did some digging. (when the pious rant we must take notice mind you – no telling whet they’d end up doing tomorrow..strap on a suicide vest perhaps? set off a bomb at a Shah Rukh Khan concert? – you see the point I’m trying to make?) Turns out AKON has a video with lots of scantily clad women dancing around a Buddha statue. Oh dear indeed! and Lo the pious Buddhists have called for a fatwa on AKON!

True fact.

When did Sri Lanka become a pre 9/11 Afghanistan? are we taking tips from the Saudis then? and what of the pious, militant fundamentalist Mullahs and Shahs?  those guys that went after Salman Rushdie and the European cartoonist? I see virtually no difference between our Buddhist leaders and the Mullahs! I guess it was only a matter of time. Remember the Shah Rukh Khan/Soma Thero incident?

The pious have taken their battle over to social networking sites like facebook – they are a smart bunch I must say. All  their ancient beliefs aside they do understand the power of modern media and the internet while simultaneously deriding groups run be free thinkers they laugh in the face of free speech by being downright disgusting online.

They are busy administrating  “I HATE akon” groups these days and these groups are shrines set up to display ones complete blind devotion and piety to other individuals who are online. I guess they beleive that by hitting “Join” on such a group that they are collecting golden karmic coins to be spent in a world of warcraft-esque MMORPG which pretty much sums up their conceptual “understanding” of the so called karmic cycle, samsara and all that baggage that come with these ideas.

Grammar lessons anyone?

On these groups the pious end up swearing incessantly and make vengeful comments that if made against any other human being in any other context would be deemed disgusting vile and downright spiteful. Profanity is the norm and decency is the rare exception (sometimes non existent altogether). See for yourselves. [WARNING: The content contains graphic descriptions of violence against another human being, profanity and hate speech. Not for the faint of heart!]

Here are some rather colourful excerpts [WARNING] from said group made by various individuals:

he will die soon. M F
ya he’ll definitly die soon…..
akonge ammmata………………
Kill him, cut him in2 pieces……..put the pieces back and kill him again…….

So the next time you are on facebook keep an eye out for the pious.

And to those who are planning on seeing AKON live – be careful and stay safe! if you see monks protesting – RUN!

Seriously don’t go, its not even good music. Just my opinion mind you.


34 Responses to AKON in Sri Lanka – Here we go again…!

  1. Acromantula says:

    So it’s ok for Akon to insult a religon… and he has the nerve to come to SL after insulting the state religon.. i wont be suprised if someone throws a granade at his concert…

    so for all those who’re planning to go.. stay away from the first few rows.. rofl

    • Lahiru. says:

      Does your religion permit throwing grenades.Wow what a religion then it deserves insult but I do not value the behavior of Akon.

      • Hirushandroxz says:

        Oh shut up!

    • pravnj1408 says:

      I’ve been reading your rants at http://www.navodediriweera.com/blog/ ever heard of fallacy of dichotomy? you sound a lot like a Sri Lankan politician who cons the people of this country with such pathetic either-or arguments such as “If you are not with me then you are against me..” and you called me a “Colombian” (both of us know who these people are ~ the likes that hang out at perambara etc and all those “pro western” blogs as you call it) I couldn’t help laughing at your your ignorance while reading your article referencing mine. Opposing violence which is being justified by religion and its authorities mind you and also being pro Sri Lankan (a “patriot”) are not mutually exclusive sir. My political beliefs are my very own and I don’t share it on this site but rest assured these “pro western fellows” will probably give me a look if I wanted to contribute at perambara (LOL!) besides those guys are too politically correct. They bend over backwards acceding to the ridiculous notion that religion is something that gets people together builds bridges etc etc the whole nine yards! as opposed to being a virulent and divisive construct of human beings. Most of these guys are religious moderates and not atheists like myself..I’m sure THEY would rather be aligned with you sir when it comes to a debate on say keeping the monks out of politics etc

      I call it like it is. Whats wrong is WRONG we have fundamental human values and rights regardless of which crackpot belief we subscribe to and all I ask is that the so called pious respect this. This is WRONG on so many levels sir and I’m sure that you are aware of this fact.

      I accused these individuals of being disgusting. You sir have stepped up in their defense. Do you call these people Buddhists then? well from your articles yes you do! and then what of my argument that the pious have demonstrated their willingness to mobilize in mob form and that it is disgusting? you want me to hide the truth? dress it up in political correctness? bend over backward say something nice along the lines of “but you see these people don’t understand the ESSENCE of Buddhism..”
      Its about being decent pure and simple. If you cant take this kind of criticism I suggest you (as a “moderate”) keep your pious brothers (“the fundamentalists” ) in check.

      The pros and cons of religion of course can be debated. That is a separate issue and I’m sure you know what my position on this matter is.

      Sure I believe in secularism and this tints my articles a great deal but above all I believe in civil decency and humanism and next time try not to think merely in terms of black and white and you might actually get something across in an article instead of providing some much needed comic relief during my afternoons. I sure don’t want to see innocent people get injured or killed in the name of your oh so high and mighty “philosophy”

  2. kingducky says:

    I seriously believe people take things way too far… its true what he did was wrong, but that does not mean that we should be throwing grenades and ruining the bit of entertainment we get. I mean if there is a set of people who want to go watch him its their freedom to do so. We shouldn’t take matters into our own hands and try and ruin things. We won the war for this freedom. The only thing what our “pious” kind will do is bring shame to this country with their petty little grenades. Believe in what you should believe but remember the only thing which will happen through violence is that people will get hurt, probably your fellow “pious” brothers who sneaked out to go watch Akon 😛

    • Kalaniya Kolla says:

      Hey we will not allow you to be entertained, this is not a joke, just wait and see, If anyhow that son of a bitch Pukon arrives, We willl…………Just see dude.

  3. I guess the ‘pious brotherhood’ have forgotten the main principle of doing no harm to any living being…

  4. Lahiru. says:

    WOW,I thought the so called Lord Buddha preached compassion which is a complete opposite value to hate and and that he advocated to practice unconditional compassion under any circumstance no matter how insulting or painful it is(ashta loka dhamma).It is almost amusing to find Buddhist who practice “maithri bawanawa and recite SIYALU SATHWAYO NIDHUK WETHWA NIROGI WETHWA SUWAPATH WETHWA”commenting that they hate one person.Its is more ironical to know that now there is a new class of Buddhist call the ” HATE BUDDHIST”.I personally do not like Akon or his visit to Sri Lanka but since my secular humanist values which are not prejudiced,faith based or self contradictory as yours makes it possible for me not hate akon but still refuse his visit since as I believe there is nothing positive to learn from him as there is nothing to learn from the people who made and are fans of this group.Your group is against the principles that you are trying to protect and that is lame.
    This is the post I made on there group.

    • kingducky says:

      Amen to you 🙂 the funniest part is the quote

      “he will die soon. M F
      ya he’ll definitly die soon…..
      akonge ammmata………………
      Kill him, cut him in2 pieces……..put the pieces back and kill him again…….”

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • pravnj1408 says:

        It is funny but what you have to keep in mind is that these are otherwise sane individuals.

        Terry Pratchett said the collective IQ of a mob is the square root of the IQ of the member who had the lowest IQ to begin with.

        This group sure proves this point beautifully

  5. tharindra says:

    indeed…….excellent article

  6. The Akon-haters who want to verbally abuse, kill, maim, wish speedy death etc etc to this Senegalese-American singer to “protect Buddhist values” does not see the irony in the pagan protester holding a placard “behead those who say that paganism is violent”. (Replace paganism with name of any religion). He is better off holding a sign “I am a pagan and before that I am an idiot”. Such a sign would at least show that he is self aware.

    No offense to paganism which actually is not a violent religion. I just did not want to put the name of a major world religion there even as an example to avoid any grenade attacks on me. I am sure pagans won’t harm me for a mere blog post.

  7. pravnj1408 says:

    The pagans wont mind! they’re used to the bashing!
    yes better safe than sorry! don’t want to “offend” anyone now do we?

  8. Gayan says:

    Well Its up to the artist to use his/her medium to convey his/her attitudes and concepts into the world. This Akon fellow has done what he seems justifiable, which is seriously controversial. Since we are from a culture which respects religions, even if they are not our own, we tend to condemn these sort of acts. Akon, I believe has made a serious error in judgement in coming to Sri Lanka, which is a predominantly a Buddhist nation. Lets keep our fingers crossed, and see how this would proceed. Nice article by the way machan.

    • pravnj1408 says:

      By all means criticize AKON! you’re entitled to that make no mistake!
      but please be civil about it. Killing and maiming is certainly barbaric yes?

    • pravnj1408 says:

      Just to add to what I said. The smart thing to do is of course to criticize his actions if you feel that it offends your religion. But I think greater understanding on our part is necessary due to two reasons.

      1. Proponents of a dogma such as Buddhism which above all advocates tolerance understanding and non violence ought to show at least some basic aspects of civility and should engage in discourse and should not incite violence or condone it.

      2. Think about it. Do “westerners” intentionally “offend” a religion? most often they are not aware of the esteem by which Buddhism is held in Asian countries. Hence the “Buddha Bars” in vegas and this AKON video. AKON is just another human being like you and I and once could argue that he is in fact ignorant of eastern belief systems (heh he does hip-hop!). To him zen, yoga , Indian food, tantric sex and Buddhism probably fall into the same philosophical “basket”. Think about it.

      What do you REALLY know about Judaism? beyond the stereotypical representation of Hollywood and books? see my point?. If AKON was aware that he was responsible for such a stir I’m sure it wold be in his best interest to rectify the problem out of decency and respect for others beliefs. Perhaps he might even correct the mistake out of nothing but self interest i.e to garner Sri Lankan fan support and to appear considerate and caring (he does donate to charity like most celebs)

  9. Ỹự Dêë Jắÿ says:

    Lord Buddha’s teachings were purely a vision rather than a religion. So to what extent we follow his teachings doesn’t matter. This doesn’t mean that I agree with the first commentator. Throwing a grenade will merely put us as a nation in the above situation as Pravnj has stated up there.

    Either way shooting such a music video will stir the international Buddhist community. Creating such a group will constitute public awareness of the matter. But the presentation of the group is not justifiable as it will lead to violent, vengeful and hostile comments.

    It’s not good music and you might have witnessed it if u had watched the IPL live video performed by Akon. He sucks at live performances. He can’t make a living without distorting his voice digitally.

  10. For me the matter of Akon is secondary. What worries me is that the demonstrated fact that a violent mob can be assembled very quickly along religious lines for any no-good cause. And we cannot assemble such “mob” for a good cause like obeying traffic rules, wait in a queue until the turn comes etc.

    Most of the hate-activists in the said group are very young people. Somehow, we as a country, has managed to produce a layer of youth who believe that it is act of piousness to suggest killing and maiming a person just because that person hurt their religious feelings inadvertently. I am wondering how many of these vengeful militant Buddhists actually attended “Daham Paasel”. It will be a good statistic to have in order to know if Dhamma schools produce clam and laid back people, or this kind of militants.

    Buddhism in Sri Lanka has assimilated a lot of traditions from other religions over the course of its history. I am wondering whether we are very close to adopt the concept of “Fatwa”.

    • pravnj1408 says:

      Yes the question of Akon himself and his intentions is a cursory issue for me too. I answered the comment because the person in question clearly does not hold the same position as I do and I thought he might need some help and justification !

    • Dee says:

      i agree with you. how scary to think young ppl like this are actually walking around our streets. 😦

  11. Porcus says:

    Well it was interesting to see this group, and as a Buddhist, I have to sigh yet again when I see that our guys (and girls) are MISSING THE POINT. I was urged by a friend to join this group after telling me about this video of Akon (which I was completely unaware of since I don’t listen to his music) to join this protest against his arrival.

    Upon seeing the word “HATE” in the title of the group as well as the ideas presented there (especially the now favourite “foreign conspiracy against Sinhala People and Buddhism” concept); not to mention the absolutely disgusting behaviour of those calling themselves “Buddhists”, I decided not to join it.

    I believe that this movement is inspired by the “foreign conspiracy” idea mentioned above, and will also take some of the attention away from the political drama in the country. It is also interesting to know that the concert is organized by Yes FM, owned by the Maharaja Company, which is frequently under attack by our beloved “Sinhala Buddhist Patriots”.

    What would Buddha do? He would not bother about his image being in a raunchy video. Instead, he would have told people to strengthen their practice, uphold the their values and keep the precepts; because that’s what matters in the end.

    Sadly, the notion of a conspiracy is more appealing to our people than a beautiful philosophy which teaches everyone to be in harmony with each other.

    • Dee says:

      what would the buddha do? exactly! these ppl have totally forgotten this.

  12. docsdone says:

    Correctly said Porcus.Politics and religion work hand in hand since both are fraudulent wolfs under the sheep’s clothing and they seek the same aim manipulating people to maintain power.

    • pravnj1408 says:

      Thumbs up!

  13. dzone says:

    Akon Insulting Buddhism Indirectly

    • pravnj1408 says:

      You seem to condone the comments on your site? disgusting!

    • tharindra says:

      Akon Insulting Buddhism Indirectly

      typical mob mentality seen in the comments……..

  14. jocker says:

    AKON should go to the HELL SOON.

  15. Porcus says:

    I saw among the group,several suggestions by seemingly sane individuals to not act violently and instead perhaps request an apology from Akon, acknowledging the fact that he had not done what he did on purpose. While it is a relief to see such Buddhists of higher intellect, it is also sad to see the people who are still screaming like demented cats on the said group, burying the sane with their bullshit.

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  17. pravnj1408 says:


  18. chill.s says:

    Sirasa will show these kind of moves through BRAKING NEWS ….

  19. pravnj1408 says:

    No question AKON is pretty disgusting in this video. And it is shocking that the girl went through with it.

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