Religurd: Year 1

On the 14th of March this year, Religurd reached a year in existence [I know, this post is overdue, sorry about that]. For some this may not sound much, no worries there, but a few of us, and I believe I speak for the Religurd contributors and some of our readers as well, Religurd has taken a step [however tiny it may be] forward in the quest for a more humane society in Sri Lanka. I thank the  readers for their participation and support, without your input Religurd would not exist. Also my thanks to the most vital cogs in the Religurd machine, our contributors, and all credit for the progress goes to them. The new appearance will focus more on social networking options and sharing of our content on other sites.

Here’s to another year



  1. Great to be a part of Religurd! Heres to another fruitful year! Thanks for having me on board! Thanks also to all the readers and all the contributors!

  2. Looks like you guys are too pussy to criticize Islam. It’s always attacking Buddhism by a large margin, and then Christianity.

    Good work, hypocrites.

    • The discretion lies with the editorial. Deal with it.

      I’m not the one hiding behind a screen-name called “yuppie” now am I?

      Attacking? you sir are the one who seems to be attacking us, we don’t “attack” nor do we condone violence so take your trashy language elsewhere preferably to an AKON hate site! your tone of voice disturbs me.

      • Yeah, you just hide behind a screen name called “pravnj1408” – big fucking difference there.

        And yeah, you attack other religions. That’s what you do. You attack Christian beliefs (and Christians) and you attack Buddhist beliefs (and Buddhists). But when it comes to Muslims – who have been actually killing each other in Sri Lanka because one sects hates another sect – you have nothing to say.

        Face it, you’re just too pussy to criticize Islam or Muslims incase they come around and behead you. So you pick on weaker targets. In other words, you guys are total pussies.

        Keep patting yourselves on the back. lol.

    • Mr Yuppie, if you have noticed this site doesnt bother spending time on un-neccessary insults. So please, if you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t comment, thank you.

      • Oh please Tharindra, you guys have been making unncessary insults against other religions ever since you started your little hate blog. Only against Christianity and Buddhism though.

  3. Hey Haters of Agnostics/Atheists/Free Thinkers/this site,

    Not sure about all atheists, agnostics, free thinkers, etc., but, many (myself included) have no problem with the existence of religions (religions are a creation of human intellect, a product of human creativity, on top of whatever else they may be, & have been & are useful to many) – but, we recognize that religions do not have the answer to all human problems, and that religions – like any other human invention/creation/institution (including secular organizations) can become oppressive to others from time to time & in various places, and we support the freedom of thought, freedom of religion & freedom from religions. Debating the merits or shortcomings of any religion, inclusing Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology (?), etc., etc. is a healthy & useful activity. If such activity bothers you, examine your own faith and your own commitment to it, also your own insecurities. Are you afraid that discussing your religion may weaken your commitment to it? If so, why does that thought make you fearful? Think about it. Good luck.

    Also, if you voice your concerns re: this site in civilized language/lay off the spewing of hate, I am sure they (such comments) will not get deleted.

    Thanks & happy Sri Lankan New Year to all!

    – Sujewa

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