The pious throw stones in protest of the AKON concert

I woke up to a news report on google reader and yahoo news that there had been anti AKON protests  Sri Lanka.

The local media ran several stories in this regard and I was appalled to see the video of violent protesters hurling stones at public and private property over a hip hop artist! the mob truly is in full swing now!

This is probably the first of many protests to come from the pious brotherhood who are now being egged on by notable Buddhists monks of this country which comes as no surprise to me.

I think our position on this matter is quite clear. However this incident has sparked a somewhat positive discourse amongst the general public and most notably amongst the blogger community regarding the validity of the claims of the so-called practitioners of the philosophy of Buddhism and a lot of individuals have questioned their violent tendencies. This is laudable to say the least.  However this discourse has not reached an enlightened state, the bloggers seem to be debating over which form of Buddhism is more “true”, whether Buddha actually wanted followers to worship statues of himself and a host of other cursory issues. The liberal-minded yet moderate Buddhist will tell you that it’s all in the practice. That is where things have gone wrong and the essential philosophy is true, and this is the position of most bloggers today. They are being politically correct and taking care not to “offend” anyone. This is of course an affront to reason. Buddhism can be opposed on several grounds and the arguments can be founded on strong principles. Buddhism is a false dogma even when you consider its so-called “purest” form and we have debated this over and over on this site and I don’t want to get into arguments regarding re-incarnation etc at this juncture.

Take Indi Samarajeewa’s comments on These are all cursory issues to us at religurd. Buddhism as it is practised in Sri Lanka is not a personal philosophy or a religion. It has been stamped on our constitution as the foremost religion, and Sri Lanka has all the signs of state which is heavily influenced by Buddhist monks. I’m sure I don’t need to give you any examples in this regard. It is several pious mobs away from being a full-blown theocracy and simply stating that Buddhism is a “personal philosophy” will do nothing to assuage the growing moblike  and violent tendencies of the pious. It is NOT a personal philosophy. It is an institutionalized religion and can lay claim to a theocracy as inane and backward as the Vatican in Rome. Make no mistake the sheer lunacy we see on the streets are supported by a majority of the mainstream (so-called moderate?) monks and temples of this country. We all knew a that in potentia a buddhist could be  just as “crazy” as the next Islamic terrorist, and they have demonstrated this in a most disgusting and vile fashion during the last couple of days.

Any religion in potentia must be considered a threat to secular values and the culture of free inquiry. The potential for such inane actions to be carried out in the name of a religion will always exist as long as the dogma is still practiced by a sizable majority.

To quote Voltaire:

Surely in this we must perceive something decidedly divine ; for it is absolutely incomprehensible that men should have patiently submitted to this yoke..

He of course talking about Catholicism but I think the quote is appropriate nonetheless. Religion can always provide the necessary justification for the pious to engage in the most disgusting activities against a fellow human being. Truly something divine and grand is at work here.


6 Responses to The pious throw stones in protest of the AKON concert

  1. believer says:

    Mate.. da whole point of having a blog is conveyin ya self out, aint it.. so is da case of buddhism, a man once found a profound truth he seekd and shared it with the world, people believed it and commited dem selves to it and it became a religion..aint it not da case wit all of em religions, its best not for u to question da validity of a certain religion when u dont have absolute proof, wats preachd in it is false. We are after all human, and are prone to blunder!!!

  2. lefroy says:

    Sharp, articulate, brilliant article.

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  4. Kudos to the well articulated post!

    I was wondering after having a look at this If some image is truly offensive according to my taste, I would not reproduce the same and have it as a wall decoration when I am having a press conference against the said image. Especially when the “unacceptability of the image” is the core issue being discussed. Anyway that is my logic. The religious minds work differently.

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  6. sachin M says:

    The core of buddhism is “non violence”..its the basic…so if someone is condoning those attacks ans hat comments then they shud stop calling them selves buddhists…nowhere in buddhism , hatred is justified…if u are a devout buddhist then learn to love and forgive…
    these ppl over react..remember wht happened at SRK show?

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