Author arrested for writing against Buddhism

I’ve seen some shocking news on BBC of arresting an author for writing against (as the article claims) Buddhism.

I haven’t seen or heard of this author “Sarah Malanie Perera” or her writings. According to the article she has been born and raised in a Buddhist family and later converted to Islam and living in Bahrain. The arrest was made in Sri Lanka when she has arrived for a holiday.

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  1. Well does ANY Muslim majority country allow anyone to write anything against Islam? If she did this to Islam in Bahrain she would be executed. Not condoning what happened here but the Da Vinci Code was banned because it was offensive to Sri Lankan Catholics and Rushie’s Satanic Verses was banned bcause it was offensive to Sri Lankan Muslims. So where does one draw the line?

    • Undoubtedly those Islamic extremist countries will take some severe action without even conducting a trial. But should Sri Lanka do the same thing?

      I believe in something called “Freedom of Expression”; we should be able express our belief and to support or criticize someone’s opinion. Accepting or rejecting a statement is up to the readers. If we just block the right of expressing the opinion then that is extreme.

      Yes, Da Vinci Code was banned in Sri Lanka and that is hilarious. As far as I’m concerned it does no harm to the Catholics. It’s certainly an eye-opener for those who believe every word in the Bible. After all it’s just a movie.

      “So where does one draw the line?” >> There should be no line when it comes to thoughts 🙂

  2. Not sure if this incident really happens or not. Even if it happened I am sure the grounds of arrest could be “anti-state” literature rather than anti-Buddhist. It is interesting to see how a public domain literature could be “anti-state”. It does not sound like she is a spy selling gov secrets to anti-state elements.

    What is more scary is the fact that there are people who are willing to justify these acts even if the arrest happened in the grounds of religion. We seems to be looking up to middle-eastern governments for providing us with example for good governance. This (if this is a true account) is one more step towards Talibanism.

  3. It has already started ,soon we will become a fundamentalist state where freedom of expression is curtailed and abolished.The trust I put on the president is still there but it’s losing its grip as he is controlled by fundamentalist who prefer ancient dogma over new concepts.

  4. I think people should have the freedom of expression, even if it is used to challenge age old beliefs. Without this, there can be no progress. However, there is also the right for concerned parties to take legal action against obvious defamation and slander. Since nobody is really sure of the content of the book (or even if it is a real situation), everything is quite ambiguous at this time.

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