A short memo

To the top brass of the JHU, Muslim Congress, Tamil National Alliance (I want to be ethnically promiscuous here. The parties that I missed – you know who you are! just address this to yourselves!)

Please explain to me and to the rest of Sri Lanka as to how a political party based on ethnicity and religion (EXPLICITLY) can even dream of coming up with solutions aimed at sorting out issues that we as a COUNTRY face? I just don’t get it Sir/Madam. I’m sorry but when you state explicitly that you only stand for Muslim/Sinhalese or Tamil issues you have just jumped off the deep end and I am left with no choice but to file you away under my list of “fundamentalist and non pluralist organizations”. The Taliban is topping the list at the moment (in case you are interested) but I’m sure you guys have the capacity to outdo even those nasty fundamentalist suicide bombers and misogynists!

Take a hint. Bitch less and try a more pluralistic approach. You guys..no seriously…discuss POLITICAL issues, be involved and debate political principles and not religious and ethnic issues. Thats what we the people want to hear from you. Otherwise you are no better than the Taliban and are just not kosher for this beautiful country with people of such immense diversity.

Signed, A concerned citizen and a secular humanist.


One Response to A short memo

  1. Dex says:

    ““Crores of rupees — unaccounted money — are flowing to the Churches from outside. They are not interested in spreading Christian values, but in expanding their institutional network and material wealth,” he says. In Mediaeval Europe, even the hint of such a remark would have had an Inquisition hustle him off to the stake. We live in more tolerant times. But Pulickunnel is unrelenting in his tirade. He likens the growing material influence of the church to the erstwhile British Colo­nialism. “Christianity for them is a front to further their corporate interests. Where is Christ in it?”‘ he asks.


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