58 Qazi courts to be established in Sri Lanka

Its official. Qazi courts have been set up in Sri Lanka. Qazi courts are a controversial type of “courts” which exercise and practice Sharia Law.

The following article explains how the system is to be implemented:

Eight Qazi courts will be setup in Beruwela in Western Province and Akkaraipaththu, Batticaloa, Ampara, Potuwil and Sammanthurai in Eastern Province where a major population of Muslims live, state-run TV, ITN reported.

The courts headed by judges known as Qazis will render their verdicts according to the Sharia Law, mostly to settle family disputes of Muslim people.

While this is an outrageous move by the government of Sri Lanka we at Religurd would also like to note that this move undermines cohesion, fosters intolerance and creates distrust between communities at a crucial juncture in our history.

Qazi courts have been around for some time now and the current move by the government is probably aimed at strengthening these courts, perhaps this is a move to appease a certain faction of the Muslim community in the island ? This is an interesting question worth exploring.

Here is another article courtesy of Xfactor who brought this to our attention. Sri Lanka is swiftly turning into a ground zero for extremists. The Buddhist fundamentalist movement, Christian fundamentalism and the Islamic agenda have all found a safe heaven on our pious land where speaking out against the irrational beliefs and practices of any religion has become taboo.


18 Responses to 58 Qazi courts to be established in Sri Lanka

  1. Poor Sri Lanka says:

    This is scary. It is being done so insidiously. Sharia Law is not something that I want to see in Sri Lanka. The problem with Sri Lanka is that it does not have uniform law. Every tom, dick and harry can demand a special set of laws. One for the Jaffna Tamils, another for the Kandyans, another for the Muslims etc etc, it really is ridiculous. Yes it shows the government is being “tolerant and accepting of diversity” but is this in the country’s interests? I understand that people follow different religions but the law of the land should be the law of the land. If we have Sharia law, does this mean that we will soon get to witness stoning to death and chopping off limbs?? Why is this not being given much attention in the mainstream media??

  2. sri lankan says:

    i cannot understand what is happening in sri lanka, instead of bringing a uniform legal system, these ppl are going in the backward direction. what is this? who are these judges inthose courts? doesnt this country has a constitution and a legal system? can’t these ppl function within the existing legal sys? i dont know what moderate mulims are saying to these things. sri lankan muslims are moderate muslims, so y dis? is this the beginning of islamic fundamentalism in SL?

    why should SL change its legal system because of a set of superstitions held by one set of ppl?

    • mohamed fiaz says:

      fantastic i have many complain

  3. sri lankan says:

    can’t we do anything about this?

  4. Just another lankan says:

    More on Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka…


    Wahabi infiltration worries Sri Lanka

    P K Balachandran

    First Published : 20 Sep 2010 11:43:00 PM

    COLOMBO: Moderates among the Muslims in Sri Lanka are expressing deep concern over a massive and determined Saudi petro dollar backed effort to spread the extremist Wahabi ideology among Muslims in the island nation, who have traditionally been a peace loving and tolerant community

    Sufi leaders, who have taken up the cause on behalf of the moderates, told Express here on Sunday, that there was a real danger of Wahabism preparing the ground for Islamic terrorist activity in Lanka. This could reach India also, the warned


  5. Jojo says:

    ‘Atheists and agnostics know more about religion than Protestants and Catholics’

    Atheists and agnostics know more about the world’s major religions than Protestants and Roman Catholics, a study has suggested.


    • pravnj1408 says:

      Thanks! nice one

  6. Prageeth Thoradeniya says:

    A good addition to the already corrupt legal system of Sri Lanka: a separate legal system!

    Silly Sri Lankans. Always complicating things. xD

  7. ibo says:

    Paid for by Sri Lankan taxpayers:

    The annual Hindu religious ritual the “Saraswati Puja” held at the Parliament which is organized by the Speaker of the House was held this afternoon. The picture shows Speaker Chamal Rajapkasa taking part in a ritual during the religious ceremony. Pix by Pradeep Dilrukshana


    • PravNJ says:

      A superstitious bunch. What else? 🙂

  8. Dhua says:

    Wahabi Extremism in Sri Lanka

    Posted on October 7th, 2010

    Irfan Khan
    Shall we let all our sunni muslim brothers become wahabis? who are spending billions of dollars to propagate their cult and brainwash our sunni brothers into becoming wahabies.



    Wahabi Extremism in Sri Lanka – A Reply

    Posted on October 8th, 2010

    Concerned Muslim

    These wahabi/thau/salafi/ thouheed jamath (whatever name they call or are referred to) rascals need to be severely dealt with since they are division creators and are problem makers wherever they go.

    The Sri Lankan government must thoroughly monitor these groups since they can be the next emerging terrorists in this peaceful paradise island. They can sure be linked to groups like Al Qaeda & Jamathul Islam and also have financial support from such groups to carry on their stupid activities in Sri Lanka which can be very dangerous to the territorial integrity & sovereignity of this country after 30 years of war with LTTE.



    Wahabi Extremists Target Shias in Sri Lanka

    Posted on October 8th, 2010

    Imran Zahir

    Condemning another sect of Islam, or any other persons belief’s regardless of one’s own opinion is completely wrong, firstly as a Muslim, secondly as a law abiding person. By circulating such an article we are demonizing, generalizing, and victimising another group of people, this is the very definition of bigotry.It is very regrettable when people act in such an irresponsible and reckless manner. Especially in today’s tense religious climate, where the local media reports of fanatical Islam in Sri Lanka, the Beruwala mosque incident, the Valampitiya mosque incident etc. This article is just unacceptable, as it serves only to further divide our Sri Lankan Muslim community.


    • pravnj1408 says:

      Thanks for all the links Dhua. Much appreciated

  9. Talker says:

    Islamic Fundamentalism and the Wahabi Cult in Sri Lanka

    Posted on October 10th, 2010

    Shameer Zufer

    It is sadly true but there is a rising trend of “Islamic fundamentalism” in Sri Lanka, and the blame for this can be squarely laid at the feet of the Wahabis who are trying to take the peaceful Sri Lankan Muslim community down the path of extremism and violence. 


    • pravnj1408 says:

      Yes thanks! wahabism is menace for sure. Sadly they’ve got the muscle and the cash 😦

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  11. PravNJ says:

    As you can see a track back will refer you to this post https://religurd.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/the-status-of-islamic-law-in-sri-lanka/ some more information for you guys! cheers!

  12. Zafri says:

    Sri Lanka’s Khazi Information can get from

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