President Rajapaksa visits The Rankoth Viharaya, Panadura

President MR visited the historic Rankoth Viharaya in Panadura on its 200th anniversary recently. As expected he played it nice and preached to everyone. “Buddhism” he said “is a gift to the world”. State media ran a story on the evening news.

He also took a stab at the internet (no surprise given the recent expertise that the government gained by employing “Chinese experts”)

The President added that children who were born and bred in religious background can avoid elements that can distract them from studies. He added that technological developments such as the Internet has good and bad aspects that children living in a religious background can identify easily…

So it takes a Buddhist to separate the child porn from Wikipedia? Right. Yes we Buddhists are holier than you… you (Western) atheist and secularist swine! AND we are smarter than you too!..Stunning display of ignorance and arrogance.

Buddhism is a gift no doubt. It is our gift to those fetishists who are crazy over eastern/new age myths. Now that’s something we can all be proud of!

On the “theological” (the term is incorrect but you get the idea) Panadura debate: I could care less. Was a “debate” even warranted? we are talking about a debate between Catholicism (snigger) and Buddhism! A debate is (usually) warranted when two parties want to engage in rational intellectual discourse, not when they want to engage in rhetorical banter and prove to the rest of the world that their myth is superior to that of their opponent. As the saying goes “I don’t want to debate with idiots…they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience!”

On a (completely) side note who knew Prof G.L Pieris went to dhamma school there? fascinating indeed…

Get the scoop from The Daily News.


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