Crackpot Nation: “The Maitreya Buddha”

Greetings citizens!

Crackpot Nation: An ongoing series which will feature in each post a (totally non cynical) PSA on a  local crackpot/wacko that peddles religious/new age/pseudo scientific/irrational concepts and “teachings” to the irrational and gullible masses of this great nation!

Our first post will focus on the life and teachings of “The Maitreya Buddha” (TMB)

This is what his Facebook page has to say:

The Maitreya Buddha is already among us since 09th May 1971 and will gone away from sight of humans in 21st December of 2012. On that moment, the Earth will react by making earthquakes, blowing high winds etc. After that moment, a new era will start on this earth where humans will see the hidden truth within themselves and they will defeat their birth and death forever.

The truth that the Maitreya Buddha says is so precious. “Come and See” is the way he utter. We are his followers. Are you……

“high winds etcetera?” oh you know the “usual” Armageddon stuff…high winds, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, plagues death and war…you know

You can meet and talk with Maitreya Buddha at;

Sri Lanka.

Every Saturday & Sunday at 9.00am-12.00noon at the above address.

Hmm earthquakes you say? when is the Mayan calendar supposed to end? I keep forgetting! perhaps a wager is in order. Who do you think has figured out the correct date for the Armageddon/rapture of 2012? TMB or the Mayans? scroll down to the comments section and tell us!

Keep an eye out for local wackos and if you think they are crazy enough to be featured here, drop us a line!

Until next time folks! – The Crackpot Watch


10 Responses to Crackpot Nation: “The Maitreya Buddha”

  1. Prageeth Thoradeniya says:

    Brilliant! Our own Benjamin Creme!

  2. Dinesh Srikantha Gamage says:

    These people only can get deceived by them selves. I dont think there are people who are stupid enough to believe those impostors. Who is this ass hole

  3. Mangala says:

    Who the hell of this bloddy Man!! Don’t abuse our pure Buddhism

  4. Nuwanjith says:

    This site is a fake one. Please don’t comment on this ….:D

  5. Jerami says:

    He is the one who crossed the Sansara. If any one want to cross the Sansara, Maithreya Buddha Sasana is the only way.

  6. Dilantha says:

    lolz, idiot try to spread christian and catholic views through the buddhism 😀 😀
    ohh you poor thing, you never can defeat 84,000 lessons comes on Amazing Buddhism in this life 🙂
    I am sorry giving u honor calling you idiot, ur somewhat a part of a cow or a dog !!!!!!!!!

  7. madawa says:

    He is the one who established the Maithreya Buddha Sasana. You bunch of idiots will see very soon. What is going around the world.

  8. Amila says:

    පඩ ෂෝ! මේ නාකි උලම බුදු වෙලානං අපි මොනව වෙලා කියලද කියන්න ඕන? මූට ටොක්කක් ඇන්නොත් කුණුහරුප ටොන් එකක් අහ ගන්න ඇහැකි.

  9. sri852591889v says:

    padada ballek biiruwata niyama buddagama kadawatenne ne a awanka niyama buddagamikayo me rate enna nisa me wage pakkuta ammata hikenna mail gas aken aka ugulanna ona 3 weni thattuwatama genihin thiripitake pitu gana me ballata kiya denna ona ai me pakaya kiyanne pitu 3 e kiyalane muge sahodara mokekkwath ennawanan untath henama gahanawa me paharaya karana awalan wadeta

  10. chamee says:

    me page eke godak aya kiyala thiyana de paluwama e aya wairayen inna bawa penawa. ekenma therenawa oyagollanta mokak hari waradila kiyala. meyata baninna kalin eya kiyana de ahanna. buduhamuduruwantath godak aya apahasa kala. jesus wa kuruse ana gahuwa.

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