Crackpot Nation: “Nirmalan Dhas”

Greetings citizens!

On his blog, Nirmalan Dhas throws phrases like “Earth Council Embassy”  and “Transformation and Conscious Evolution..” this way and that. Reason enough for us at religurd to stay away from him!  His creepy bare-chested stare speaks volumes.

Its like someone rolled Osho and L Ron Hubbard into one social networking savvy mystic, after all we all know that a dedicated facebook page is good for the chakras now don’t we Mr. Dhas? Oh and you’re on twitter too? but then again who isn’t these days eh?  A friend of mine follows this criminal and dictator joker

As of recent we have witnessed the rise of many “gurus” crackpots on our blessed local shores. Can you hear the twang twang of them sitars? Oh Sri Lanka you are indeed a small miracle!

Turns out these guys are related

Quotable extracts from said blog (use them to impress people the next time you’re at a new age joss stick burning session)

Your Human Species however is in great danger of annihilation as a result of your own actions which are rapidly making Gaia’s womb uninhabitable by your kind.

We therefore choose to make to you, through your Earth Council Embassy, these submissions on Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution which you may find useful in your attempts to respond to the challenges you face as a direct consequence of the underlying dynamics of your currently dominant global civilization.

And here’s some more:

Some of us are able to see that the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm that we have for so long allowed to captivate the human perceptual apparatus, may be superceded by an emergent Non Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm. The currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm has been known as “Dvaita” and the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm has been known as Advaita.

This is where things get creepy:

The contents of this submission consist of seven steps, which may be carried out concurrently, not necessarily in parallel but each according to the level it is permitted to reach or is able to attain in any given contextual moment.

You will require volunteers to engage these tasks and we suggest that you begin immediately, the task of identifying and activating all those who can come forward to do so.



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