Government set to indoctrinate 2600 child monks next year

We know that building an expensive “temple” gives those in government an instant hard on but this is ridiculous!

Dirty old closeted men in robes and the indoctrination of young boys?  This is a no brainer even if you dismiss the overwhelming evidence which indicates that yes dirty old monks fondle samaneras in viharas more often than you think.

I’m convinced more and more that these religious institutions have been set up solely so that no child’s behind is left alone. Next to denouncing the unbelievers as heretics and sinners this is probably the most common attribute amongst all the religious sects in the world. Yep they are very very good at calling us sinners and fondling young children (not necessarily in that order). It’s time we took the fight to them. Show no respect or give no respect to your local Buddhist institutions. They spread vitriolic hatred and molest children and we are supposed to revere them? I think not.








The initiative by Sri Lanka’s National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) needs to be supported!


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