Holiday gift ideas!

Tis the season of joy and giving! Thinking of getting something special this season for a loved one who doesn’t believe?  Where can I find some great merchandise for the non-believer this season you may ask? Look no further!

We at religurd have compiled a set of great gift ideas for the holidays! Gift your loved ones this season with our selection and spread some of that holiday cheer! HO HO HO indeed. Here are our top 5 picks for the season:

#5 Anti-Religious T-shirts

A favourite of ours. A great slogan on comfortable cotton. Wearing a biting slogan on your chest is a great way to ward off those pesky Jehovah’s witnesses whom you bump into while walking around town!










Browse and buy Anti-Religious t-shirts



#4 Pope Costume

Get your freak on this holiday season with this premier high quality pope costume!

Suggested usage:  Put it on. Run around town and admonish all those sinners who will be fooling around this holiday season! Much hilarity guaranteed!

So get on your pope mobile brother and go a caroling around the ‘hood this season!

WARNING: We strongly urge our readers to stay away from facilities and locations such as schools,nurseries and day care centers. These locations should be avoided at all costs for risk of being apprehended and charged as a pedophile/sex offender. However visiting a catholic church in this garb is strongly encouraged! just mind the wine and wafers of course and don’t over do it by blessing everyone!










Get it at amazon or here

Bonus Tip: The idea can be extended by getting yourself a pedophile costume orange Buddhist monastic robes! Pricey but well worth the investment! amaze your friends by getting  free seats on buses this season! and of course free food at them swanky hotels temples.

(Pedo Bear approves this message)


#3 Books

Books are always a great choice. Whether you are into ebooks, print editions or audio books we highly recommended:










1. The Bible – For those of you haven’t read it, this is a romp! Action, adventure, sex violence and romance. This  work of fiction will keep your     loved ones up all night! who are we kidding this has been a bestseller for centuries!

2. God Is Not Great by Christopher Hicthens

3. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Honorable mention: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – Rick Warren is one of the greatest pastors comedians of our time and he does not disappoint with this one! get this if you loved one is a bit of a scrooge and needs a special funny pick me up this year!


#2 Mohammad Teddy Bear

Give the kids something to cheer about this season. Get them this cuddly Mohammad teddy bear and share the gift of blasphemy. This bear will instruct them in the subtle art of blasphemy at an early age! plus its really cute!













#1 God – The Action Figure

The kids will love this one!  we really wanted to get our hands on the AK-47 and the holy shroud and smite our batman figurines but sadly this product has been out of stock for some time. We did find a Jesus action figure however, which is just as great (if not better!). Get rid of your dusty superman figure and give this guy his rightful place on your figurine cabinet!












We are sad that Batman couldn’t have a go at this guy 😦


One Response to Holiday gift ideas!

  1. I have another great gift for retirees and any Seniors, the Microlite, a tiny LED light that will illuminate your entire remote control. Its really tiny and out of the way when turned off, easy to use. Got them for stocking stuffers now that all my friends have poor vision like me, lol.

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