The rise in electric utility charges will NOT be extended to religious insitutions says Champika

Minister of Buddhist Affairs and Religious Intolerance Power & Energy Champika Ranawaka outlined his plan for the proposed hike in electricity charges at a press conference and forum (aimed at educating the public) this afternoon . It’s no secret that Sri Lanka enjoys one of the highest electricity tariffs in the region.

I was not surprised when he announced that the proposed 8% hike would not apply to swanky hotels for pedos religious institutions but would be extended to hardworking taxpaying citizens who consume more than 90 CEB units (I dare you to calculate that in kWh, go on DO IT, 90 units is a trifle)

This is an outrageous farce.  If the CEB is in the red why would they have a double standard? sure I understand why the government decided NOT to to extend the hike to public schools, hospitals and small business, the argument being that not extending the tariff hike is some sort of investment and that these institutions somehow deserve a lower rate as they contribute positively to society.

But religious institutions and buildings? really?  the total output of all the religious institutions in this country amount to nothing more than the cultivation and harbouring of pedophiles, the spread of religious intolerance AND noise pollution by way of cheap AHUJA PA systems. Take note taxpayers, your cash goes back into the system so that THEY can have the (free) resources to irritate YOU with their chanting! ridiculous! why should we continue to support these institutions by literally paying for their sins by acquiescing to an outrageous pay hike?

To the CEB and the Public Utilities Comission: if you want to get the CEB out of the red why not charge these freeloaders clerics ? they consume but don’t pay? hell they don’t even contribute to society!  why not charge them a little extra? GOD knows (no pun intended) the Vatican can afford it and most rajamavihara  have enough cash, loot and land to support themselves.

WAIT! aren’t Buddhist monks supposed to be living an ascetic lifestyle? what do they need electricity (and well the INTERNET) for? shouldn’t they be in some cave in the middle of the forest meditating?

Oh I see.. 😉

Religious institutions don’t deserve these benefits. I don’t mind paying extra if the argument is reasonable but this is a silly little tale these spin doctors are spinning. What say you?


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