Buddhist monks have a little too much leeway

I’ve said this a number of times and I’ll say it again, I think we’ve given Buddhist monks too much leeway. The sheer gall, condescension and arrogance they employ when preaching on matters not under their purview is shocking. How dare they presume to tell us what to do and what not to do? we are but free agents capable of critical thought. We are not sheep, nor infants to be preached to. How dare they presume that ipso facto being born into a Sinhala family, that I subscribe to their superstitious myths concerning suffering, rebirth, karma and a plethora of dogmatic principles concerning how I should conduct my life. The same is true of your lives. Your lives are your own and do not let another human being who has access to the same critical faculties as you do and is very much like yourself in many respects, convince you that they are somehow “special” and are keepers of so called “sacred wisdom and knowledge”. Do not be sheep like and allow these robed men to control your lives according to a set of irrational dogmatic principles. Let me also be clear that given such free reign the leaders of any denomination or religion would do the very same. Given such a situation you and I must be prepared to stand up against any and all infringements of our freedoms, basic human rights, our right to follow any religion we so ever chose – and if you are like myself – our right to be exempt from following a superstitious set of ideas.


3 Responses to Buddhist monks have a little too much leeway

  1. professor33 says:

    Good comment and intelligent position.

  2. Hello Praveen, would you grant me permission to translate your posts into sinhala and republish in my site?

    • PravNJ says:

      Sorry about the delay. By all means my friend, as long as you give due credit and link back here (obviously!)


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