About Religurd

Organised Religion = Absurd = Religurd. We believe that many a Sri Lankan life is influenced and affected, negatively, due to religious authority, superstition, tradition and dogma. Intelligence and rationalism is our salvation. Free your mind.

This is a place to discuss and promote our and your views on how to free our society from these forces that limit our intellect and feed on our resources. It preys on people’s hope. The corruption that ravages under the guise of religion, the waste, the hypocrisy and the double standards are amongst the issues that have to be addressed.

Please remember, we raise these issues only for the betterment of society, not to bring any person or organisation down or to insult any belief. Humans have the right to believe in whatever they like. Belief is all good, but believing in something without asking why, without knowledge and intelligence……….is stupidity.

We have a couple of regular contributors to fuel the discussion, as well as a few more to join the ranks. If you think you process along similar thought avenues as us, please drop us a line if you would like to contribute as an author.


  1. Your first video of Bill Maher is rather a critic for political propaganda of George W Bush and I wonder how it directly or indirectly contributes to your heading “who embrace reality and expose the flaws of organized religion throughout the medium of comedy”? For sure it is comedy only that I found three words concerned of any religion; the first Mormons the second Jesus and the last “Jew”. Then I had to go through the other parts of the whole comedy to attribute on your argument. However in general this stand up cannot be argued over any religious point of view although it talks about condoms new technology sexual practices, the pope with mere references to Christianity after all this is spitting them selves with profanity and politics!

  2. Hi Chandima, I admit that the first video of Bill Maher’s Decider special doesn’t do much justice to his outspoken views on organised religion, sorry about that, I will make a note that viewers should watch the entire set of videos.

    Although his statements on religion on this series are few and wide apart, they make import points, regardless of the sense or medium they are conveyed. Bill Maher is a respected critic of organized religion, and he has even made a great documentary “Religulous” on this topic. His weekly show “Real Time with Bill Maher” also features discussions in regards to this.

  3. the human brain is a complex thing. Science has not yet comprhended how it works. So we do not even know what dreams are and why they materialize.

    The mysteries of the universe are just being uncovered. we merely allude to events prior to the big bang as insignificant. One in a million of us probably understand the theory of relativity.

    there is so much the human race does not know, yet it portrays the arrogance of not caring about what they do not know. Instead they prefer to expand their universe only as their concrete knowledge of it, science, expands. unaware that they mask in ignorance probably 99% of the universe.

    Symptoms of strife due to religions are not a sign that they are corrupt. No religion encourages it. It is the exploitation of religion that creates it.

    And removing religion from the hands of these exploiters will only make them look for something else. Removing religion will not solve the problems of the world.

    “Belief is all good, but believing in something without asking why, without knowledge and intelligence……….is stupidity.”

    On the other hand, you believe in things that you don’t question everyday. Like the fact that your plasma TV works due to the ionization of plastic molecules. You even seem to ‘believe’ in evolution, yet it is still a theory. most science on the deeper matters of life is still mere ‘theory’.

    Yet how do you KNOW that what you do not see and what is not proven to you by science’s capabilities is not true?

    You invite discussion. Yet you deem a part of your participants stupid at the onset. very clever

    • I accept your point, what we know about the universe is merely a grain of sand in a beach.

      But as you you pointed out, I don’t question how my plasma screen works, simply because it has already been proven how it works. And I will take Sony/(insert preferred manufacturer)’s word for it, because they employ a theory that WORKS. They use a resource, give it some inputs, and there’s a definite output. When they make a plasma TV, it’s a plasma TV, not a LCD one. Its proven, its been done.

      But can you apply that kind of logic to religion? Assume I have a theory/resource, let’s call it God. Assume I pray everyday, go to church, lead a good and honest life, just so that I can pass that final exam in college. But if I don’t study, will the ‘God’ theory ensure my success? Im pretty sure it won’t. Its not a proven theory.

      This site doesn’t disrespect anyone’s right to believe. And the intention of the post above is not to deem the participants stupid, its unfortunate if it gives you that message.

      Organised religion = exploitation of religion. Removing that won’t solve ALL our problems, but it would still solve some atleast.

    • We decided that the old theme was too dull…Too minimalist I should say.. hence the change 🙂 glad to have you on board!

      Thanks for the link, sheds a lot of light on the concept of cognitive dissonance and its link to religion! our ability to hold seemingly contradictory viewpoints simultaneously truly is remarkable and definitely warrants further study.
      I’ll try to share my ideas on a related issue (if I find the time that is! what a busy year!) in an upcoming post!
      Scientists are also seriously pursuing the possibility that religion might not only be an accident but might also be similar in nature to a “virus”, at a conceptual level anyway, in the sense that it is a “viral idea” similar to a meme.
      This concept was explored by Neal Stephenson in his brilliant Sci-Fi novel “Snow Crash”. Check it out if you haven’t!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. On concern that I have with this forum is the terminology used of tag lines is that, this is an “atheist forum”. it is inevitable to be tagged as an “Atheist” when one start posting here with enthusiasm. I am not sure if I could be counted as an “atheist” technically. The problem is this -> For atheism to exist theism should exist too. I am from a Buddhist background and all Buddhists are technically atheists. So just being “atheist” does not say much about my aversion of all forms of institutionalized religion. I have me my concerns about being known as “atheist” as it does not say much about my stance towards institutionalized non-theistic religions. “Secularist” may be a technically better label which I don’t mind having on me, however it is not as catchy or bold as “atheist” since “Secular” represents a stance than an ideology.

    One the other hand likes of Richard Dawkins are working on bringing in a new identity to the term “Atheist” encompassing all forms non-religious lifestyle choices. There is also a movement promote a new term “Bright” ( http://www.the-brights.net , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brights_movement) However in Sri Lankan content “Bright” sounds even more alien than “Atheist”

    I am not suggesting anything here 🙂 just thinking out loud.

    • Pressed the submit button too quickly. How I wanted start above comment was that -> “One concern that I have with this forum is the terminology used in tag lines. It says that this is an “atheist forum”. So it is inevitable to be tagged as an “Atheist” when one start posting here with enthusiasm….”

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