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  1. I”m glad that such a community exists and I was planing to start one my self so that rationale people can work together to build up our knowledge through the exchange of evidential and logical works of intellectual value.Hope we will be able to pull of something like the Renaissance in Europe.The following article is one of my works and I would like your criticisms since only through that my level of analysis,reasoning and presenting will improve.This initially written as a criticism of Buddhism and other religions for a Buddhist group on FB.As expected it
    was removed.

    Critical analysis against buddhism and all other religionsShare
    Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 6:29pm | Edit Note | Delete
    Buddhist are as any other believer of any other religion are significantly mislead{now you must be angry but keep reading as Buddha as far as surmon in “Kalama suthra”advice you to keep an open mind be analytical (which I admire but this is in contradiction with many of the impractical teachings of Buddhism)} .You people call your religion the truth and guess what, so does the others who believe in other religions.Calling something is true based on faith(do not give me the irrational argument that Buddhism does not require faith “saddha is just another word for bakthiya”) is just an assertion but to make it an argument who should back it with reason and for an argument to be a fact it should be underpinned by evidence.N religion including Buddhism can do this and only science can and only science will.And if somebody thinks that morality and civilization came about as a result of Buddhism or any other religion it is an false assumption.Morality is an inherited by humans and all animals with sufficient level of reason with the excption of humans having the ability to refine and organize morality in oder to create civilization(for more details see social contract principle) and it must be said with clarity and evidence(of course you will only understand this if you have read about other religions books about philosophy,logic and evidence) that religions are not the source of morality but just documentations of morality.All religions acts as deice of governance,this has been the purpose of religions even with the tribal formats of them where the leader wanted unquestioned authority and power.Religions are based of fictions which introduces super natural characters like God,Buddha or Allah to create that’wow” feeling inside you to get your attention and control your autonomy under those super natural characters whose orders or guidance are if disobeyed would lead to hell or more suffering and if followed would lead to haven or nirvana(what ever might be the concept behind the reward it is still a reward).This is also named by me as the”donkey tied to the cart principle”(mail me if you want to know more).Now you would be thinking why should Ilisten to him,who is he and how dare he criticize the establishment and who is he compared to LORD Buddha who suffered billions into trillions of years in search of truth and more than that who suffered for us,preciselyleading to my point that you have been hypnotized by the mythical stories(as stories are scientifically proven to impair reason to a level where it result in drawing the listeners to state of trance where you feel that “Oh so wow’ a.k.a Holly!.This mechanism is used so often in religious preachers and you will so often notice this if you carefully analyse the formula of Bana deshana.(there are more techniques that are used by religions such as chanting to hypnotize devotees.And another reason average intelligent people adore religion is because they find it difficult to understand the world as it is and they feel very uncomfortable with the realities of the(do not tell me Buddhism represents reality cause so does say the other religions and saying is not enough and just because it sounds rite does not infer it is does not represent the truth you have to prove it or should leave it as a theory) the world which simply characterizes humans as mortal beings with no existene after death where as religions attribute divine,eternal and sansaric lifes to us, whom can develop super natural powesr which can be developed by meditaion or prayer.Religion gives people a divine identity by associating them self to super natural creatures who become the saviors of man kind and yea some time all creature of the universe and by giving them hope about an alternative reality(nirvana, haven)to a level that they get so addicted to it they behave on schizophrenic and retarded manners such an obsessive praying or chanting , sacrificial acts(I know Buddhism is not that extremist,but it does justify suicidal acts if it is done to archive nirvana which you should be very careful when allowing a child to read and also protect children from the stories of hell that can impact the fragile mind of a child and horrify children which in future would have serious consequence on once personality) in other words simply to say it makes us feel like we live in a fairy tale.Imagine so many times you have prayed in front of clay statues and gone round and round trees expecting it will cure you sins(Apala) and chanting till the morning thinking it will bring prosperity to the people(if so Sri Lanka must be the most developed country in the world,which obviously is not)and chase off evil spirits and welcome divine creatures and worshipe people just because they where a particular dress(Chivareta wadinawa) which when collectively appreciated can be classified as schizophrenic behavior which allows me to humorously say that if the writer of harry potter lived in the medival times we would be worshiping Harry potter and all the brooms in the world since he used brooms to save humainty(Which kind of anologise with buddha and the boa tree or jesus and the cross),which can be academically termed as miss use of symbology.

    To show you one impractical and controversial principal lets for a moment regard the fist precep of the five preceps which is that under any circumstance buddhist can not kill any animal or living thing.Concern should be given to ‘under any circumstance’ so that this principal’s validity can be tested in respect of the war we had in Sri Lanka to determind whether the war heros are according to above priciple of buddhism siners who undoutable killed LTTE carders.I call them my heros and my saviors but in line with buddhism they will be termes as siners with bloond on there hands so as you can see buddhism simply states to us that we should have not destroyed the LTTE.What is the practical solution that buddhism stipulates when some body or some organization acts offencively towards us,ot would simply say that sacrifise you life as “Paramithawa”.If followed these conduct there would not have not been any buddhist left in this country.It is humerous to see how the Sangas bestow there blessings to army men who is in fact going to act in contrary to the principals they believe in I could not stop my laughter when I saw such a thing happenig and I felt ashamed as to the deceving nature of monks and to see the stupidity and unpricipled behavior of it follows who either did not understood the apparent contradiction or while understanding did not have the courage to stand upto this ammusing behavior.When you look at the instance where Buddha was asked to explain why his family and relatiives in Magadha Kingdom were slautered by enemies of that state he preached that thay had to die in such a horific way because once in a past life they had been fishermen and they had enjoyed looking at how the fishe die.See if they had such onsequene for fishing then think what degree of pain would be put upon by us and the army heros by karma for killing humans(LTTE) and celebrating the victory(the true salvation of our country).This is only one twisted peiciple of buddhism whic potrays impractical features of it.To illustrate a contradiction comparison should be made between 1st precep of “pansil” and the “Dhasaraja Dharma Pricipals” which requires the king to safe guard his subjects from foriegn forces and in order to do so to have an army(not to say sadu sadu)to fight for the nation where as the 1st pinciple requires not to kill under any circumstance.
    I have made my point and presented it simply as I could and I can not help you if you can not understand the simple logic that I have used in the context,but keep an open mind when reading and criticise my arguments,but with solid counter arguments of intellectual value and of substance not like ” I know it si true cause I saw white lights or BUddhism is only of intelligent people(In my opinion it is for litrature lovers) and not for sinners,as science is not about worshiping an authority but to challenge the authority with on view in mind that is to discover and understand the truth by proper methods(not by closing your eyes and doing silly stuff to experience bliss) which have serverd man accurately.

    Finaly,I would like to site an authority,which is somthing I usually do not do as I preffer my oroginal ideas free from authority to most possible extent,which in this case I would site since my idea,which originated independently from Albert Einstien’s(One of the greatesr minds ever) idea, has the same meaning that simply says that do good and to refrain from the bad you do not have to believe in an aftr life and therefore rewards od punishments,just do what you do to fulfil the purpose and that if we humans do good to get merits(PIn/Kusal)
    or abstract from bad to avoid punishment(suffering experienced due to Pau/Akusal).

    We do not need religion to be moral and loving,it is in us as humans,religion only divides humans.Remember my friends we are one species and we should not depend on these abussive religious authorities whom have divided us and feed on our hard erned money and inhabitates the progress of the human kind.It is time to act!

    • Excellent article Lahiru, we would like to put up the above as an separate article on Religurd if that’s aright with you.Please let us know through here, or email to, many thanks!

      Maybe I’m being pedantic but I’m not sure whether the word ‘against’ in your title (critical analysis against….) is suitable there, maybe ‘on’?

      • I agree with you Tharindra Buddhism being the majority religion in Sri Lanka and we being Sri Lankans; If we are to promote Securlism, Atheism, Agnosticism pragmatically that should be done in a such a way that we do not hurt and trample on Buddhist feelings. That would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.

        I too did the same mistake of being overtly hostile during early years of my detachment from Buddhist establishment. The best bet of promoting secularism within Sri Lanka is to appease the Buddhist mindset at least in the short run. There is so much literature and momentum against Abrahamic religions in the western world. However, since Buddhism is local phenomena you will run out of material to defend your argument if you are confronted with a well armed Buddhist scholar. Specially if you do not have a deep knowledge in the subject matter.

        Having said that I did not find Lahiru’s article here too hostile since her carefully attacks ALL religions without singling out Buddhism 🙂 The just need to be structured better perhaps with separate subtopics. Honestly I have not read the whole thing yet due to lack of structure in the article. Will comment more when I have time.

    • Hey Lahiru, Great content! You have articulated your points in a manner that an average Buddhist can relate to, and re-think about their basic assumptions. Thus forcing them to change, which is good.

      You might need to take another parse at your content and organize them in to some sort of a structure with subtopics in it. Subtopic heading will serve as an anchor to retain the interest of the reader to finish the current para and move to the next as the reader can see what is coming by glancing at the subtopics. Also certain sentences need to be rephrased for better clarity. BTW you must have seen my auricle in this forum and I may not have followed the same quality that I demand here. What can I say “do as I say, not as I do” 🙂

  2. Lahiru, thats simply wonderful , i completely agree with you. its all about science. , and Einstein was the greatest mind ever. he was once asked the same question, Is there a god? is there a meaning to everything , and heres how he answered the question , there are really are two kinds of gods. we have to b very scientific, we have to dig define what do u mean by god, if god is the god of intervention/ the personal god /the god of prayer, and he had a hard time believing in that , he didn’t think so, however he believed in the god of order, harmony, beauty, simplicity and elegance , the god of spinoza …. thats the god that he believed in. so my fellows my saying is we should everything, cuz remarkable things need remarkable proof .

    Thank you for you comment post Lahiru

  3. I think Religurd should run a piece on finding love as a Sri Lankan atheist, with users contributing their experiences of what it’s like being Atheist in a predominantly religious culture. Sri Lanka is one of the most religious places in the world. It ranked 3rd in the world for religiosity according to a gallup poll. In addition, according to the national census, 0.0% of Sri Lankan identified themselves as “other” religion. With the vast majority of the population identified themselves as Buddhist, Muslim or Catholic.

    I was born in the UK and I hardly ever seem to find any British born Sinhalese girls (Where are they lol?). And even when I do, it always seems that religion is the biggest barrier towards even trying to form a relationship. Their parents demand someone of the same religion. With the British born Sri Lankan tamils, they’re so keen on hinduism, that I can’t imagine any of the SL tamil girls I’ve meet going out with a non-hindu.

    I know that only 5% of the Sinhalese diaspora in Australia are non-religious. With such low levels of irreligiosity in a highly developed country like Australia. What chance is there I’ll find someone who shares my viewpoint in Sri Lanka?

    Sometimes it feels like being an atheist just puts you in a super minority among the Sri Lankan diaspora and among Sri Lankans in general.

  4. It would be wonderful to meet a fellow atheist while I’m here in Sri Lanka. Is there anyone up to the challenge. English and Sinhala is spoken. Please have a sense of humor. I’ll be here until sat 30/04 night. Thank you for your interest and continue to spread the word… Gods are make-believe: always were and always will be.

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