Is God an Accident? (courtesy The Atlantic Online)

Kudos to St Fallen for bringing this to my attention.

I have a lot to say about this and will definitely follow up when I’ve got the time to write! I don’t necessarily agree with some of the arguments being made. However I do agree with Stephen Jay Gould’s viewpoint that Science and Religion are non overlapping magesteria. Check out Gould’s book on the same issue for a complete discussion.

There that’s one of the issues I’d like to expand on, perhaps in an upcoming post!

Once again thanks a lot St.Fallen (a fitting name i might add!) this sheds a lot of light on the concept of cognitive dissonance and its link to religion! our ability to hold seemingly contradictory viewpoints simultaneously truly is remarkable and definitely warrants further study.

Scientists are also seriously pursuing the possibility that religion might not only be an accident but might also be similar in nature to a “virus”, at a conceptual level anyway, in the sense that it is a “viral idea” similar to a meme.
This concept was explored by Neal Stephenson way back in 1992 in his brilliant Sci-Fi novel “Snow Crash”. Check it out if you haven’t!

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