Religion needed to save the future, apparently

In his new book, ‘Tread Lightly on Earth’, Judge C.G.Weeramantry says the following;

“Incorporating religion into law as a formidable force to combat the threats to the environment is a sine qua non to rein in individual nations refusing to recognize the anthropogenic (man-made) causes of global warming”

In the book, according to the Sri Lankan Guardian, the author discusses

“underlying principles in the five main religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism — as the primary sources that can halt the precipitous slide down the path into an early environmental grave which continues to be dug by the relentless, ruthless, exploitative and chrematistic forces of modernity with utter disregard for future generations”

Also, according to the book review ,

“Judge Weeramantry’s approach to religions is not to go down the beaten track of rituals, prayers, and institutionalized mantras. He moves away from the conventional “doctrinal issues, issues relating to religious rites and practices, issues relating to virtuous conduct, issues relating to duties to family, tribe or nation, issues relations to obedience to the law, issues relating to peace and justice and so forth” (p.25) and stresses the dynamic – but neglected — principles in religions as the gateway to the future of humanity threatened by the environmental degradation”

Hmmm. Is religion really needed to address this problem? Using religion to make people open their eyes to the climate problem and stop destroying the planet, from a bottom line point of view, might sound like a noble cause, but still the connection with religion is too flaky. Could turn out to be dangerous even. The facts, knowledge and intelligence is there for the people to solve this crisis, why would you need religion?