Why We Don’t Believe – Morality : The Immoral Minority

The phrase “The Moral Majority” is a self confirmation of most religious groups. They claim to have the moral high-ground, but do they? A lot of moral things that they do include punishment of the “immoral.” Stoning and beheading are commonplace in Saudi Arabia. This happens in a watered down version of lynching in some western countries. Sri Lanka accommodates these idiocies by changing laws to suit these religions(eg. banning selling of alcohol and meat on Poya Days).

Lets look at some of the so called morals. Well, there’s the 10 commandments, five precepts, the 5 pillars, seven deadly sins and you can go on and on listing all the thousands of religious moral codes in the world. Which one is the right one? Obviously, any religious person answering that will say, “Mine is.” If that is the case, we can instantly assume there isn’t an ultimate moral code. If we look at the commandments as an example(I will go into the others further detail in another series), we can see that most morals are about obeying and believing in God(s). The few good morals listed are not that important to believers as it shows in the current state of the world. George Carlin had a better set of Two Commandments: 1. Don’t kill, 2. Don’t be dishonest. There is a better version that I have heard, which is “Don’t be bad.” and bad defined as whatever is considered bad at the time.

There are some who say atheists have no morals .I have heard amoral people being called atheists, in Sri Lanka. If that is the case, the jails of the world should be filled with atheists and no religious person should(or is it the case that we are so ingenious to evade the law). And even if religious people are moral because of their belief in their religion, will they start killing and stealing if their belief is shattered.

Religions have in the past(and even in the present) been used to justify genocide, misogyny, homophobia, slavery and torture. Are these the morals that are superior to the secular sense of morality that we all share? There is even a correlation of the opposite. The terrorists that planned and carried out the attacks on the New York Twin Towers were devout fanatics; Catholics and Protestants killing themselves in Northern Ireland; and what about those priests molesting little children.

Current understanding of evolution states that most of these morals are not necessary to be in the “holy” books. There is a huge evolutionary advantage of being “nice” since this attitude is likely to be reciprocated(will go into detail in a later post). Furthermore, even the “Golden Rule” that is in both Christianity and Buddhism(in a abstract sense) were pre-dated by the philosopher Confucius. Moral philosophers are doing a far better job than any religious text, but these do not have the rigidity of religious text and can change with the moral zeitgeist. So, who are the moral ones, the ones who do good deeds because of their fear of a God and their afterlife, or the ones who are moral just because it is a good thing to do?


Why We Don’t Believe – Science and Religion

Science has been one of the major factors that has fed to the growing sense of disbelief in the world today. When you look at the correlation between the growth of science and religiosity throughout history, it is hard to miss the increase in atheism and agnosticism in times of great scientific progress. This can be demonstrated by looking at the Renaissance, Victorian era and the 20th century where disbelief reached critical mass; and the stark contrast during the Dark Ages when science was at its lowest.

Why is this so? Is it because disbelievers are better at science? That could not be further from the truth. It is more likely that science and religion are so incompatible that people have no choice but to de-convert. Some of the greatest scientists started as religious people, the most extreme example being Charles Darwin, who would have chosen to be a priest if he had not chosen to go on the Beagle.

When you look at the real histories of all religions, you can see why modern science trumps ancient religions every time. Every religion is man made and the older the religions are the scientific “truths” in the “sacred and holy” books contain the errors of the time they were written in. None of them contain science ahead of their time. Judaism, Christianity and Islam claimed that the earth was flat till the 19th and 20th centuries. Buddhists and Hindus believe in rebirth though there is no scientific evidence behind their reasoning. The faulty science continues on and on. Religious people end up putting logic on hold to hang onto their beliefs or cherry pick parts they can reconcile with. One example is Francis Collins, the head of the Human Genome Project who is an Evangelical Christian. It is similar to a vegetarian that eats fish. Is it so hard to stick to your principles? These people who cherry pick get less respect than total fundamentalists from me because they see what is wrong with their beliefs but still stick to those mythologies and rituals.

Recommended Watching and Reading – Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dawkins), has given a few excellent talks on atheism and our universe, at TED conferences. Richard Dawkin’s genius and work in his field cannot be described in a few words, thus the link to the article at Wiki, of him.


Also he is the author of “The God Delusion”, a best seller discussing the non-existence of a God, a supernatural creator, and also religion and morality.  It is no argument that many amongst us, specially in Sri Lanka, have a “sitting on the fence” attitude when it comes to discussing God, or personal Gods. If you are one of them, please read this.


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