Local Newspaper discover video evidence of Buddha doing cocaine……

…..after watching two recent episodes of South Park. The Sunday Leader has, according to their words, “uncovered a shocking new example of the West’s contempt for Buddhist culture and values…” after “uncovering” a cartoon Buddha snorting cartoon cocaine, with a cartoon Jesus next to him watching cartoon porn. I’m trying hard not to state the bleeding obvious, but its South Park! [insert appropriate expletive(s) here]! The newspaper has then themselves contacted the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Moral Uplift Secretary H. M. Herath about this shocking revelation, and have got the response they needed.

We will take it to the Sangha and to the Buddhist Congress. This is defamation to every religion. It is a crime and hurts others’ beliefs, which shouldn’t be done by any person. We should respect other people’s beliefs.

To The Sunday Leader and the author of the news article, Mr Hardy, if you think your helping Buddhism or the Sri Lankan people by any means, with some world class BS like this, you are much help as hiring chimps to run a banana factory and to clean the toilets. Please, stop this tomfoolery and join everyone else in the 21st century. Or look up the word ‘context.

The article: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2010/04/25/american-television-depicts-buddha-snorting-cocaine/



  1. The news on Sunday Leader is hilarious; I don’t think the person who did that article have ever watched south park.

    After showing Muhammad in the same episode some Islamic group have issued a warning to the creators of South Park. And there have been reports saying the Time Square bomb attempt has some link with this. Now that’s shocking!! (See news here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7668606/Times-Square-car-bomb-police-investigate-South-Park-link.html)

    Making a cartoon comedy does not really harm anyone, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. A person who likes it should be able to watch it without any restriction.

  2. Lol, have you seen the comments below the Leader article???

    I think there seems to be an effort on the part of some editors to stir up religious conflict by highlighting a few things that are really ineffectual to Sri Lankans. A few weeks ago, it was the storm in a teacup over the SL Cricket party on Good Friday, and now it’s this.

    I really wonder what the agenda is.

  3. Unfortunately I think the GoSL will be forced to react to this stirring up and the ensuing complaints, because they’ve already set a precedent. Fortunately, no one really cared about the Good Friday BS, but it’s making the GoSL manipulatable by mischievous elements.

  4. David Blacker :

    I think there seems to be an effort on the part of some editors to stir up religious conflict by highlighting a few things that are really ineffectual to Sri Lankans.

    Media plays a key role in affecting the way people thinks. Unfortunately in Sri Lankan the journalists somehow report the useless content. That’s why they say “Sri Lanka: a place like no other”

    The bottom line is people buy these silly things.

  5. LMAO! Come on! It’s South Park! Taking it to the Buddhist Congress? Really?? Don’t we have other more important things to worry about, like poverty, healthcare, refugees and development?

    Sad people are sad.

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